10th Mediterranean Oil & Gas Forum 2020 Overview

The Mediterranean Gas Forum has been established as the prime industry event of Eastern Mediterranean. It is an annual commercial platform that was inaugurated 10 years ago by the leading Energy Ministers of the region.

U.S. Energy Stream will organize the 10th Mediterranean Gas Forum 2020 in 2020.

The recent upstream gas discoveries in Eastern mediterranean (Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, etc) reflect the future growth of hydrocarbons in the region. The Forum is a unique opportunity for energy leaders to engage in a productive dialogue with government decision makers and international investors.

The 10th Mediterranean Gas Forum 2019 will bring together government and energy leaders to promote American and European energy investments in Eastern Mediterranean.

This year’s topic is “The development of East Mediterranean gas and its impact on the European gas market.” The focus will be on commercial agreements from American and European oil majors and independents in the Israeli, Egyptian, Greek and Cypriot gas markets.

The Forum is a private, closed door, off-the record, non-attribution, and non-dissemination meeting enabling private discussions and networking.