2nd Energy Transition & Innovation Forum 2021 Overview

The annual IN-PERSON 2nd Energy Transition & Innovation Forum 2021 comes to Washington, D.C.!

Join us at the annual IN-PERSON 2nd Energy Transition & Innovation Forum 2021, on December 8 & 9, 2021 at the Cosmos Club of Washington, D.C.

U.S. Energy Stream is the national corporate leader engaging Senators and Members of Congress, industry executives, and energy investors on oil, gas, and energy sector solutions to successfully addressing climate policy in the quest for net-zero emissions in a decarbonized energy future.

The Forum is a bi-partisan annual market intelligence platform for government and private energy leaders to convene for off-the-record discussions on future technologies, initiatives, and policies in U.S. energy innovation to solve national and international energy challenges.

At the December 2021 Forum, we will focus on how American energy innovation can ensure that the oil and gas industries continue to thrive amid the energy transition towards a net zero emissions economy.

Our clients trust U.S. Energy Stream’s mission to bring the highest intelligence to empower business and government leaders to thrive.

The Forum is a private, invitation-only meeting. All proceedings are off the record, not for attribution or dissemination, and fully closed to the members of the press.