3rd London Gas & LNG Forum 2016 Speakers


Thierry Deschuyteneer

Strategic & Prospective Studies Manager, Fluxys

Since 1 September 2016, Thierry is the Strategic & Prospective Studies Manager at Fluxys. Previously he was Executive Secretary of Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), the European association of gas transmission, gas storage and LNG regasification terminal operators. He was previously Public Affairs Manager at Fluxys, the Belgian gas infrastructure operator, handling a.o. European energy policy and regulatory developments. Before that, he was Regulatory Manager at Fluxys : he contributed to the design of access conditions to the gas transmission and storage systems and managed tariff issues with the national regulator. He studied engineering and began my career in the ICT industry before joining the gas sector 18 years ago. He is also Vice-Chair of GasNaturally.