8th Mediterranean Oil & Gas Forum 2017 Speakers


George Papadopoulos

fmr Advisor, Donald J Trump for President
United States
From 2011-2015, George Papadopoulos worked as a research associate and fellow at the Hudson Institute. During his time at the institute, he worked exclusively on both the eastern Mediterranean and Caspian's energy reserves and their impact on local energy markets, as well as, geopolitics. Along with his colleagues, he led the first ever project on US, Greece, Cyprus and Israel relations at a Washington DC think tank. "Power shifts in the eastern Mediterranean: the strategic relationship of Greece, Cyprus and Israel." His work on the topics have been published, or cited in: the Washington Times, Washington Post, Haaretz, The Marker, Arutz Sheva, Hurriyet, Phileleftheros, Hudson Institute, Jamestown Foundation, Kathimerini, and the Jerusalem Post.
From 2016-2017, George worked as the director of natural resources and security at the London center of international law practice and a senior advisor to both Dr. Ben Carson and Mr. Donald Trump on matters of foreign policy and energy policy. He holds degrees from university college London and DePaul university.