5th Houston Gas & LNG Forum 2022 Overview

The 5th Houston Gas & LNG Forum 2022 is organized by U.S. Energy Stream, on October 17 & 18, 2022 at the Petroleum Club of Houston, TX. U.S. Energy Stream leads the initiatives on how the gas & LNG industry can pivot to successfully tackle climate change and help achieve net-zero emissions and a decarbonized energy future. The Forum is a bi-partisan annual market intelligence platform. It brings powerful U.S. Congressmen from both sides of the aisle together with top energy executives and energy investors.

The main topic of this year’s Forum is: How can U.S. Gas and LNG thrive in the Energy Transition and in Net Zero Emissions Economy?

Key issues to be addressed:
-US Energy Policy: What is the role of the American and Texan gas & LNG industry in a Net-Zero emissions economy?
-INVEST in America Act: The $715 billion transportation bill: How does the bill tackle the climate change? What does it mean for the energy Industry?
-CLEAN Future Act: A plan to combat climate change and achieve net zero emissions by 2050
How do government and business align on net-zero emissions?
-Congressional Leadership: Meeting global energy demand while accelerating climate policy
-The Role of LNG in a decarbonized energy future
-LNG exports: What lies ahead?
-The Role of Hydrogen in the Energy Transition
-How can the dual challenge of reaching a net-zero emissions economy and ensuring access to affordable, reliable energy be met?
-Small scale LNG: What is the role of small scale LNG in the energy transition?
-Energy Innovation: How can we advance cleaner, secure and affordable energy?
-Can the gas sector be a driving force behind economic growth, and at what pace?
-Gas, LNG and finance: How can gas and LNG infrastructure attract investments?
-How will the gas and LNG industry cope with ESG financial pressures and the race to reduce emissions?
-Equity in Energy: How can we improve clean energy access and equity?

Our customers trust U.S. Energy Stream’s mission to bring the highest intelligence to empower business and government leaders to thrive.

The Forum is a private, invitation-only meeting. The Forum’s proceedings are off the record, non attribution, and non-dissemination closed to the members of the press.